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Corporate Investigations

Our corporate investigations are often highly classified, sensitive operations that require the utmost discretion and professionalism.


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Criminal Investigations

We’ve been serving clients in Montreal and Quebec for 20 years, using the best electronic surveillance possible. 

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Domestic Investigations

Does it seem like your spouse is always working late these days? If you suspect you might have a cheating spouse, trust the proven techniques and discretion of V.I.P. Investigations to uncover the evidence.В В 



Wire Taps Go Horribly Wrong

Most people have a romanticized idea about wire taps and their purpose. They’re used in police raids, or film noir, or by whistle blowers who are saving the world from their greedy, corrupt, power-hungry bosses.

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About Us

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V.I.P. Investigations, Inc. is a high profile private investigation company in Montreal, Quebec Canada with a team of dedicated investigation and detective professionals with an in-depth and broad experience in providing effective solutions and services to our clients.

V.I.P. Investigations Inc. was created in 1994 by the President and investigator Mr. Remi Kalacyan, CCDI. The vocation of the agency is to provide you professional help in the research of proofs within the framework of private inquiries as well as industrial, commercial and/or financial investigations.

Our clients include homeowners, industries, families, retail and commercial business operators and corporate companies. All have placed immeasurable trust in V.I.P. Investigations, Inc. to protect, investigate andMontreal Private Investigations evaluate their property and their valued assets.

We offer you to rely on and to work together with our specialized and highly qualified investigators which were trained and have already acquired solid knowledge and experience in their respective fields of expertise.

We could describe our investigators as artists whose art is to collect and to analyze information… as discreetly possible!