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Family Services: The family law services of the Canadian court system are designed to help you protect your children and yourself. It’s one of the reasons why the divorce laws in Canada are so strict. 

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Business Fraud Investigations: Employee fraud is a serious problem that affects about 50% of business in a given year, with insurance companies averaging about 43%.

Divorce Due Diligence & Research: Going through a divorce is difficult enough, but it can be much worse if you haven’t done your due diligence to collect the right information about your spouse’s debts, finances and hidden assets.

Workers Compensation Fraud: Nothing can damage a business like fraudulent workers compensation claims. Each year, they cost Canadian businesses billions of dollars.

Employee Theft: As we move into a more technologically advanced future, it becomes easier for the less honest people out there to hurt us. 

Custody Cases: Separations and divorces are difficult enough, but when a couple has children it can be emotionally exhausting. 

Computer Forensics: Times are changing – and so are the ways in which crimes are committed.

Estate Disputes: Dealing with the death of a loved one is always difficult. The emotional turmoil is hard enough, without adding estate disputes into the equation.

Counterfeit Goods: Buying a “knock off” version of your favorite designer purse or shoe might not seem like a big deal.

Missing Persons / Kidnappings: Tales of kidnapped children are too terrible to contemplate – but they’re a sad part of our reality.

Infiltration/Undercover Work: Working undercover in a corporate environment is a serious task.

Surveillance: Are you looking for a discreet, virtually invisible surveillance investigator that can work locally or across the country?

Domestic Investigations: Marital infidelity, missing children or children that may have been the victims of parental kidnapping. We even conduct identity theft investigations in the Greater Montreal area, nationally, and internationally.

Corporate Investigations: Our corporate investigations are often highly classified, sensitive operations that require the utmost discretion and professionalism.

Bug Sweeps: When someone taps your phone, that person isn’t just eavesdropping – he or she could be breaking the law.

Criminal Investigations: over 15 years of experience in uncovering what really happened in homicides, suspected suicides, and all types of criminal indictments.

Runaways: There are almost 50,000 reported cases of teenage runaways in Canada each year. That number is shocking in and of itself, but for the parents of runaway children it’s an especially hard pill to swallow.

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V.I.P. Investigations, Inc. is a high profile private investigation company in Montreal, Quebec Canada with a team of dedicated investigation and detective professionals with an
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VIP Investigations is a full service, licensed and bonded private investigation firm, located in Montreal Quebec recognized by Bureau de la Sécurité privée (BSP)


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We’re sitting in a car with tinted windows parked in a quiet residential street. Remi and Mike are shooting the breeze, something about car insurance premiums. Suddenly, Remi sits bolt upright. “It’s her,” he says slowly. “Looks like she’s been cooking.”
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