How To Prevent Identity Theft

More people than ever know the horrific feeling of having their identity stolen. Thanks mostly to the explosion of the Internet, almost 10 million people were victimized by identity theft in 2008, a startling increase of 22 percent from 2007.

Everyone wants to know how to prevent identity theft, but at VIP Investigations Inc., we know how to stop identity theft! Our team of private investigators has experience in instructing people in both Canada and America on how to prevent identity theft.

How To Stop Identity Theft

While identity theft via the Internet is the biggest worry for Canadians these days, it is far from the only one. We will help you learn how to prevent identity theft—both the modern and the old-fashioned kind. From helping you secure your computer and online dealings to ensuring your paperwork is shredded and disposed of safely, we will go over how to stop identity theft and provide you identity theft protection so that you can stop living in fear of having your life thrown into shambles by one of these predators.

VIP Investigations was founded in 1994 and has assisted countless homeowners, industries, families, retail and commercial business operators and corporate companies in our nearly two decades of existence. If you are wondering how to prevent identity theft in Canada or to learn how to stop identity theft in Canada, contact us today at (514) 238-8847 or email us at to set up an appointment with our team!

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